Blind Date

Therapist Joe is the alter-ego of real-life relationship counselor of Michael I. Gold, Ph.D. on the television show Blind Date. Therapist Joe offers observations about couple's behavior as they go about their introductory dates.

Stewie Griffin appears on Blind Date in "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter". After offering to pick up some "zaa", or 'pizza', a thought bubble appears over his date's head indicating he is cheap. He suggests she is Italian judging by her arm hair. Therapist Joe observes that Italians are from Italy.

The graphics for Therapist Joe were provided by actual crew of Blind Date who shared building space with Family Guy at the time of production according to the DVD commentary. As the graphics were from an outside source, they do not have the round eyes typical of Family Guy and other Fuzzy Door Productions.