• The TV show that the Griffins are shown watching is the sitcom Dharma and Greg.
  • Despite being a 1ACX episode, Mila Kunis provides Meg’s voice, even though Lacey Chabert goes on to voice her in 1ACX11-1ACX15 before leaving.
  • When everybody goes out to see the new car, the car strongly resembles a VW Beetle. In the next scene the car’s appearance has changed to a blue sedan.
  • The gag about British drive-by arguments originated in Seth MacFarlane's short film, Life of Larry.
  • A flashback shows Peter as one of the “cavity creeps” from Crest toothpaste’s 1980s television commercials.
  • When Peter tells Lois that he is afraid that something will happen to her and he is too old to start dating again, a cutaway scene shows Peter on an episode of The Dating Game, the classic TV show in which the bachelorette would ask questions to each of the three hidden bachelors and would then make her choice based on the answers to her questions.

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