• The title is a reference to the film .There's Something About Mary.
  • Peter meets “the Don” at Mobster’s Bar and Grill. This is a reference to restaurants in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence serving as fronts for the Mafia.[1]
  • The plot of this episode has similarities with The Godfather, including the sequence in which various friends ask “the Don” for favors on the day of his daughter’s wedding. “The Don” in this episode is very similar in appearance and speech to Vito Corleone, Marlon Brando’s character in The Godfather. There’s even a scene where Lois asks Peter if he ever saw The Godfather.
  • A scene showing “the mob in the movies” parodies a scene in film Goodfellas in which Joe Pesci harasses Ray Liotta for calling him “funny.”
  • The online navigation system of Peter’s car mimics Ukrainian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff.
  • Peter uses a copy of the magazine Entertainment Weekly as toilet paper. This is due to the fact that Entertainment Weekly had been known to heavily criticize Family Guy.[2]
  • After Paulie dumps a small milk carton down Peter’s pants, Peter says “Guess I got milk!” a reference to the got milk? advertising campaign.
  • Imitating Goodfellas once again, Peter tries to clarify Paulie’s statement that Lois is a “crazy broad,” stating that “he didn’t mean you’re crazy like Elizabeth Taylor. He meant you were crazy like the glue.”
  • As Peter explains to a complaining Lois the interesting characters one meets in taxis, the TV show Taxi is referenced and parodied. The show's characters Alex Rieger, Tony Banta, Louie DePalma and Elaine Nardo are referenced. While 'the foreign guy who works in the garage' that Peter was referring to was actually the character Latka Gravas played by Andy Kaufman, he is replaced by Jackie Chan.
  • As Peter and Lois are waiting in line to meet the Don and ask for their favor, Peter spots actor David Schwimmer. When asked what he would ask for, David Schwimmer replies "World Peace", thus parodying the frequent 'World Peace' pledges made by beauty pageant contestants.

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