• Meg claims to have never been in a picture before, despite multiple photographs of her throughout the series, including one with the family after Chris discovers her web site.
  • The songs that Meg requests be played together are "She Works Hard For the Money" by Donna Summer and "Freeze-Frame" by The J. Geils Band.
  • Peter and Lois dance to "Faithfully" by Journey.
  • "Josephine" by The Dahls plays as Cassandra buys food for herself, Stewie and Brian.
  • As Cassandra, Stewie and Brian walk back to her tent the song "Homesick" by The Waybackyard plays.
  • Peter and Quagmire use Joe's cable television signal and internet. Joe was previously revealed to be the only one to pay for his cable in "Love Thy Trophy".
  • Meg has a birthmark on her left foot by her ankle.
  • The panels on Chris' "Wheel of Porn" read out, "Fake Auditions", "In a Van", "Amateur", "Foot Fetish", "Mature", "European", "Amputee", "Sad", and "Ke$ha".

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