• The wraparounds of Peter hosting are similar to such anthology story shows as Masterpiece Theater.

Stand By Me

  • Roy Scheider suggests a catch-up with Richard Dreyfuss but is offended when Richard Dreyfuss gives him a phone number with the prefix 555, which is widely used as a fictitious number in TV shows, films and other media.


  • The scene of Stephen King getting run over at the start of "Misery" emulates his habit of inserting himself into all of his movies since Maximum Overdrive.[1] It is also a reference to the real life incident in 1999 in which King was struck by a minivan while walking down the shoulder of a road in Lovell, Maine.[2]

Shawshank Redemption

  • The scene in the Warden's office when the lamp is knocked off the desk is taken from Caddyshack.

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