• This episode was originally titled "Famiry Guy", referring to the Asian dry-cleaning shopowner.
  • Cheryl Tiegs had previously been mentioned by Quagmire in "Jerome Is the New Black" "The Perfect Castaway", and "And Then There Were Fewer". In this episode, she provides her own voice since she and her son are fans of Family Guy.
  • Stewie had previously gotten in trouble for putting lipstick on Peter's "favorite" white shirt in "Emission Impossible".
  • It's revealed that Quagmire is half-Polish, former name Quagglechek and was obese as a child.
  • Brian had a tick on his neck that he was not able to reach with his tongue and eventually swelled to the size of a ping-pong ball.
  • Mr. Washee Washee renaming Star Trek the Mr. Sulu Show parodies The Green Hornet which was called The Kato Show[1] in many Asian countries.
  • When Meg says that dates between her and Mayor Adam West "still happens sometimes", She is referring to "Deep Throats" in which they were in a brief relationship.
  • This episode featured a cutaway gag involving Michael J. Fox within a cutaway gag.
  • It is never revealed what happened to Peter's shirt.
  • In "And Then There Were Fewer" it was said that James Woods stole Cheryl Tiegs from Quagmire. However, Quagmire explained that she left him because of his petty jealousy.

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