Tinder is Gross

From the episode: The Dating Game
Singers: Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Warburton, Mike Henry

"Tinder is Gross" is sung by Peter and the guys after they discover that Quagmire has becomes a 'sex-ghoul' after becoming addicted to the easy hook-ups on Tinder.


Peter: There was a time when you'd be more selective

When you were horny and feeling erective

Now one swipe and there's thousands to bone

All from a sex app you use on your phone

Cleveland: That's the Tinder!

Peter: A lot of sad, lonely gals who want babies

Three hundred pounders infested with scabies

Leather gimps who do nothing but moan

These are the weirdos you find on your phone

Joe: You know, a surprising number of them live near the airport.

Peter, Joe & Cleveland: Gonorrhea, HPV-a

You will catch a do-o-ose

Peter: Of blisters and itching and genital warts

'Cause Tinder makes gross

And for kids it's kind of tragic

Sex for them has lost it's magic

Banging every Tom and Dick and Jack and Jill and Joan

And this also might surprise ya

All your married friends despise ya

'Cause we're not allowed to have an orgy through our phone

Peter, Joe & Cleveland: You're perverted, barely human

You're not even clo-o-ose

Peter: A filthy degenerate seeking a thrill

Your spirits and genitals run though the mill

With plenty of hoes and prescriptions to fill

Peter, Joe & Cleveland: 'Cause Tinder makes you so gross!