• The title is listed in media as both "To Love and Die in Dixie" as well as "To Live and Die in Dixie". In addition, various DVD sets also alternate between to two titles. Seth MacFarlane names the episode as "To Love and Die in Dixie" in DVD commentary.
  • Peter says that his first job was part of a folk music trio. A flashback shows that he used to be partnered with Simon and Garfunkel, and wanted to title “Mrs. Robinson” “Mrs. Fleckenstein”, and sing “parsley, sage, rosemary, and Lawry's Seasoning Salt” instead of “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme” in “Scarborough Fair.” After Paul Simon criticizes his ideas, Peter says “Screw this, I’m goin’ to ’Nam.” This is another example of continuity being irrelevant. In “Brian Does Hollywood”, an episode broadcast in 2000, Stewie says that Peter is 42. "Mrs. Robinson" was written around 1967, meaning he would have been nine or ten years old at the time, not in his twenties as portrayed. Furthering this point is that he looks exactly the same age as in flashbacks to the 1970s, and that "Scarborough Fair" is a ballad that dates back to the Middle Ages.
  • One of the criminals in the lineup at the beginning of the episode is Morpheus from The Matrix.
  • The pig in the classroom shares traits similar to Arnold Ziffel, the pig on the sitcom Green Acres, who also attended school.
  • The robber was the Mass Media Murderer in "The Kiss Seen Around the World".
  • When Meg is in class, the students ask if she has “those talking pictures, flying machines and perfume for your armpit.” This is referring to televisions, airplanes and deodorant or body spray.
  • After plucking a banjo string, Stewie explains “Oh, I feel so deliciously white trash. Mommy, I want a mullet!”; the derided hair style stereotypically associated with poor, rural whites.
  • Soon after arriving in Bumblescum, Peter paints the family car to resemble the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. After he and Brian race around, impersonating main characters Bo and Luke Duke, Peter suggests getting Chris and Meg to play the show’s villains Boss Hogg and Enos Strate who Peter mistakenly calls anus.
  • When Chris asks where do you go when you die, his friend says “I learnt at church if you’re good you go to heaven, but if you’re bad you go to a place where the dead believe they’re still living and pray for death, but death won’t come” and Chris thinks Hell is UPN, a now-defunct television station that normally aired programming aimed towards African-Americans.
  • When Peter and Brian launch the car over a hay bale, a regular stunt on Dukes of Hazzard, Waylon Jennings reprises his role as the show’s narrator. This was Waylon Jennings' last role before he died. Another parody of the show occurs when Brian tries to hop into the car through the window, another popular stunt on the show.
  • Sam compares Chris to a “skinny Garth Brooks,” referring to the country singer’s apparent weight gain.
  • After being kissed by Sam while still under the impression that Sam is a boy, Chris remarks, “I haven’t been this confused since the end of No Way Out!” It is then revealed that Chris’ confusion refers to how Kevin Costner keeps getting work, and not the infamous twist at the end of the film.
  • This episode contains a humorous Southern version of a Civil War re-enactment, which plays off of real history, as Robert E. Lee was a teetotaler, while Ulysses S. Grant was forced to resign from the military in 1854 because of a drinking problem and did not return until 1861.
  • When the bank robber who just escaped prison is interviewed about his plans and he replies, "Yeah, I'm gonna go bang my girlfriend, and then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!", Stewie's remark, "Good lord! Can they really say 'bang my girlfriend' on TV?", is a not so subtle commentary aimed at what the censors could and could not allow on network television in terms of language and content. Ironically, the repeats of this episode on Fox bleep out the word "bang" in the line said by the robber.
  • Meg incorrectly calls the raccoon which is constantly attacking Peter a rodent. Raccoons are not rodents.
  • During the party scene when one of the FBI agents is calling the Griffins to warn them about the escaped convict, you can see Quagmire running past him sporting a foam dome hat and a bra.
  • Chris states that he's not allowed to look at his reflection in the toilet water after Sam says that her Grandpappy dies after saving his reflection from drowning.
  • Peter gets mauled by a raccoon: 1. That jumps out of the TV 5 minutes after arriving; 2. That jumps out of the fridge; 3. That jumps out of Lois' blouse; and 4. That jumps out of his pistol.
  • The FBI Agents are playing a video game where a police officer and an alien shoot each other.
  • Stewie's band is names 'Stewie and the Cowtones'.
  • Herbert leaves 113 messages on the answering machine in his first appearance on Family Guy.
  • Brian references the scene where Peter rolls up the window to the General Lee in "The Fat Guy Strangler", when he throws a rock at him for revenge.
  • Peter chides Chris for not claiming that the robber of the convenience store was Celine Dion, calling the opportunity “our one chance to put that show-boating Canadian wench behind bars.”
  • An interview with ALF is on TV.
  • Jeff Foxworthy shows up inside the closet of the Griffins’ new home.
  • Peter spots a “Crunch Berry,” a variation of Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal beneath the refrigerator.
  • A DJ on a country music station says “We just heard Merle Haggard with ‘I Kissed My Sweetie with My Fist.’”
  • Peter confuses the “Mason-Dixon Line with Bosom Buddies actress Donna Dixon.
  • After an argument, one of the FBI agents staying at the Griffins house draws “boobs” on an Etch-A-Sketch toy, to which the other one says “Go ahead, they always come out square!”
  • A segue between scenes shows Buck Owens, host of Hee Haw, another television show that takes place in the rural south.
  • Stewie makes an announcement that there is a John Deere tractor parked on top of a pig.

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