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  • The title is a reference to the 1985 crime film To Live and Die in L.A., and is also a reference to the song “Dixie”: "I wish I was in Dixie, hurrah, hurrah; in Dixieland I’ll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie."
  • The plot of this episode is somewhat similar to the 1991 film, Cape Fear.
  • Chris gives Barbara a bottle of Elizabeth Taylor’s brand of perfume and says “I guess that means you’ll smell like bourbon and vicodin,” referring to the actress’s alleged substance abuse problems.
  • The FBI agents are a reference to The Odd Couple when they note “We’ll be watching your house together, even though he’s a slovenly liberal and I’m a fastidious conservative."
  • After Lois says that she made dinner with Shake 'N' Bake, Stewie says “And I helped!” a line directly from Shake ’n’ Bake commercials.
  • After Stewie plays a song on the banjo, he screams “I got blisters on me fingers!” which is what Ringo Starr screams at the end of The Beatles song “Helter Skelter.”
  • When the robber asks for the names of Peter and Brian, Peter claims he is “T. J. Hooker” and Brian is “McMillan and Wife,” referring to two television police dramas.
  • When Peter and Brian are being chased by the Civil War survivors one of them asks “Has anyone seen my foot?” This is a reference to a Jerky Boys skit in which Sol Rosenberg is selling Confederate memorabilia, one of the items being a Confederate foot.

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