Tori is a woman that Brian picks up at the Quahog Car Wash in "Brokeback Swanson". But after they have sex, her husband Vic, a former navy seal that killed Osama bin Laden, arrives home. Brian is unable to escape, so he pretends to be the new family pet and is allowed to stay.

When Tori suggests his staying can lead to more sex, Brian decides to keep up the charade. While at the park with Lois, Stewie spots him with Vic who is walking him on a leash where he brags about his sexual arrangement with Tori, the wife. However, things aren't so great when he has to listen to them have sex and when he tries to leave, he finds himself put on guard dog duty and chained in the yard for the person cheating with Tori. But when he complains to Tori, she leaves him behind as she splits town. Stewie tracks him down and finds out he is in trouble, so he gets help from Chris and Vice President Joe Biden to get Brian back by convincing Vic that it would be patriotic.

Tori is voiced by Alexandra Breckenridge. Vic is voiced by Ralph Garman.