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Lois: Peter, we have people coming over and they're expecting a turkey!
Peter: If they're expecting a turkey, I'll just put on Evan Almighty! Zap!

Lois: Chris are Brian and your father back yet?
Chris: No, and why are you saying the dog's name before Dad's?
Stewie: It's weird. Y...yeah, you're right, that is weird.

[Lois and Joe watch Kevin and his little person girlfriend have sex outside]
Lois: Oh, my God, it looks like he's chalking up a pool cue!

Peter: We'll be back with a turkey faster than you can say, "Jack Robinson."
Lois: Jack Ro... [Slurs] Jack Ro... [Slurs]
Peter: She had a stroke that killed the part of her brain that says, "Jack Robinson." We got plenty of time.

["Meet Virginia" by Train plays on the radio]
Peter: Is this fine?
Brian: I mean it's's...yeah, it's fine if you think it's fine.
Peter: It's not that good of a song, but we know it.
Brian: Yeah, ok. Sure.
[Brief silence]
Peter: Brian, I love Train!
Brian: I fucking love Train!

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