Uh, Feelings
From the episode: Quagmire and Meg
Singers: Pee Hole Skin
Voices: Studio Singers

Uh, Feelings is sung by a band called Pee Hole Skin during the Teen Choice Awards in "Quagmire and Meg". When host Wavyhair Doucheston introduces presenter Wilford Brimley who complains about the noise, Douchein quickly segues to musical group Pee Hole Skin. Brimley decides to put a stop to the noise and shoots the band and then starts shooting into the audience.


Pee Hole Skin: Uh, Feelings

Uh, Feelings

Uh, Feelings

Wilford Brimley: I'm going to put a stop to this. (Shoots the band and aims at the audience.)