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  • The story of Nate Griffin is a reference to Roots: The Saga of an American Family. Tobi, the effeminate slave who refuses to accept his white name, is a reference to Roots character Kunta Kinte.
  • Peter reveals that his ancestor Nate Griffin’s real name is Richard Bachman, a reference to the pen name horror novelist Stephen King used earlier in his writing career.
  • A Quagmire character is shown, referred to as “Quagdingo”, a parody of Mandingo.
  • Nate’s flight in a cart pulled by a white bronco is a parody of the O.J. Simpson murder case, and he is picked up by Al Cowlings, who drove O.J.
  • The prank Nate Griffin pulls on the slave ship captain as well as the music is taken from Meatballs.
  • Judith Light accidentally took the oxygen tank instead of the Tony Danza breath. This refers to the Who’s the Boss? episode "First Kiss" where Tony and Angela kiss.
  • Peter’s great-great-grandfather “Black-Eye” Griffin starred in 1920s-era short films. The first silent film where he is looking at the moon is a reference to the film Le Voyage dans la Lune/A Trip to the Moon which was a black and white silent film from 1902.
  • When Peter is trying to sell the wheel to the cavemen, Brian says to Peter “You so money, don’t know it.” This is a reference from the movie Swingers, as Vince Vaughn says this to Jon Favreau throughout the movie to build his confidence.
  • After Lois helps Ur-Peter sell the wheel, he says to her, “You and I will party like it’s 9,” a reference to Prince’s song 1999.
  • When Peter Hitler is distracting his brother Adolf with childish antics while Adolf is making a speech at a rally, the scene parodies Rudy Giuliani’s inauguration speech as mayor of New York City and how Guiliani’s son Andrew was misbehaving, horse-playing and pantomiming his father during the speech.
  • Hitler becomes extremely annoyed when Peter asks if he was going to try art school again. This is a reference to Hitler's failed acceptance to an art school and to the theory that Hitler hated Jewish people because a Jewish professor had rejected his school candidacy in Vienna.[1]
  • One of Peter Hitler's congrats sayings is "Yeah Germinater. 'I'll be back.'" refers to the Terminator's line "I'll be back" which is said by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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