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I'm Buckimion, the local chief cook & bottle washer. If you have a question regarding proper format, please drop me a line or use the page discussion page that you have questions about. I'm never far away that I can't get back to you in a matter of hours or less.

I have a very low tolerance for BS. As an ex-cop, if you think insults will bother me, forget it. I have heard every derogatory term your grandmother ever knew. However, if you feel you've been blocked unfairly or by accident and wish to have a civil discussion, drop me a line and I will see about removing your block. Not all blocks are intended to punish but act as an attention-getter to start some dialog in order to explain certain rules or practices, even those that seem to be unreasonably long are done so to ensure a person sees the block and asks about it. A simple "oops, sorry" will resolve most of these problems. Even if blocked you should still able to leave a message on either my talk page here or on Community Central or your own and I will see it. It is not my standard practice to block people from communicating, although that seems to happen often due to wikia's tinkermonkeys. One way or the other should work. ¯\(ツ)/¯

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