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Family Guy notes from Comic Con

Slim pickings as it appears that only the official twitter page was posting updates, plus some retweets. Two new guest stars in the form of David Tennant and Rob Gronkowski, plus a confirmation of Kyle Chandler who was a holdover from last year.

Without viewing the video which will be posted later, it appears that no new titles were released, but we know that in one episode, Peter becomes a driver for Uber while in presumable another, Quagmire discovers Tinder.


There appears to be as much as a five year wait for the Family Guy movie, and full-length parody episodes, particularly Star Wars, are pretty much dead in the water thanks to tightening of copyrights.


A little fun before the panel, when Richard Appel was mistakenly identified as being part of the staff of Bob's Burgers in a Q&A hosted by FOX.


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