Some have noticed that we already had one episode from production season 15, which will likely air next season. You may also note that I became aware today of FIVE more titles in that group.

During my search for new episodes, I also became aware of a new title with production number EACX20 - "Foxx in the Men House". This is noteworthy because we only had three carry-over episodes plus the current writing season is only twenty episodes. If you notice the episode listing template box, we are now up to 24 episodes. This means that one of those EACX?? episodes is really an FACX??, and was intended for next season all along.

Random thoughts...

Fox is on pace to wipe out the entire backlog of 23 episodes for this year, perhaps starting completely fresh for next year. I don't know if it'll really happen, and I do expect 1-2 carry-overs for next season, but its possible.

I've also noticed a big uptick in new episodes since the first of the year, and not only that, but these episodes are getting their production numbers listed. I don't know if this is due to a shake up at Family Guy or the Library of Congress where I usually find newly listed titles. We may know all of next season's titles before the new season starts this year.