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Vern and Johnny
Vern and Johnny
Full name


Last Reported Age

Unknown (Killed by Stewie in "Saving Private Brian")

Primary Employment


Voiced by

Seth MacFarlane, Never Spoke

Vern and Johnny are two Vaudeville men who perform duets and acts together. Vern, who does the singing is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, while Johnny the pianist has never spoken. Their signature piano tune is "Galloping Gertie" by Sam Fonteyn.

In "Holy Crap", Vern debuts following Francis Griffin's release from jail. In "Deep Throats" they perform together at the talent show.

Vern and Johnny were shot to death in "Saving Private Brian" by Stewie Griffin who subsequently tells the viewers that there will be no further performances from them. Seth MacFarlane stated that they were killed off because people were getting sick of them. David A. Goodman also stated that the show relied on them too much.

They make a reappearance in "Back to the Woods" as ghosts. Vern performs on the surface world and Johnny is seen in Hell because it is revealed he was a pedophile.


Blue = Vern
Red = Johnny

Episode Appearances

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