Violet Pigpen

Violet Gray is a fictional character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.

Violet has shoulder-length dark hair, and she frequently wears green dresses (switching to pants and jeans in the winter and in later years). Schulz changed her hairstyle between braids and a ponytail in the early strips, but after a few years she dropped the braids and went exclusively with the ponytail, which became arguably her most famous trademark. It became so rare to see her without a ponytail, in fact, that when she showed up without it on the way to school one day, Linus was startled enough to ask why she was wearing her hair down. She yelled that it was because her mother hadn't had time to comb her hair, since she was in such a hurry to go to Linus's house to play pool with his mother.

In "No Meals on Wheels", Violet and Pig-Pen see Stewie Griffin who is running Lucy van Pelt's psychiatry stand. It is revealed that Violet may have a yeast infection.