• Death first appeared in the season two episode “Death Is a Bitch”, in which he was voiced by Norm MacDonald. From this episode onwards, Death is voiced by Adam Carolla.
  • Chris has no lines and only appears in the scene in front of the brewery gate.
  • The scene of Peter hurting his knee and his reaction becomes an official running gag in this episode
  • The music playing when Peter is working out how many tickets are left is the same as the bus music in “No Bones About It” in “Family Guy Viewer Mail”.
  • Death chews a piece of gum, a commonly proposed method of tricking a breath testing machine.[1]
  • When Peter is being kicked out from the brewery, he asks for a Chumbawumba song. Pawtucket Pat pulls out his "flute", which is a pipe in this scene only.
  • During the scene in which Peter and Brian drink the PermaSuds beer that always stays carbonated, they start rising through the air; but CO2 is actually heavier than air.
  • When the cops crash teenager's party, you can hear Meg's voice saying "Run".
  • Death drives a Volkswagen Beetle. This part also reveals Death’s face.
  • The Mexican actor Pawtucket Pat hires to stage the shooting is Cheech Marin.
  • The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones appears.
  • Lois compares Peter to “the idiot” from the film Shine.
  • Peter was on the 70s-80s game show Password with Tony Randall in a flashback.
  • Prior to Peter's going on stage, Lois reminded him to make sure his "trills are clean, and watch the legato in the 4th measure." The piece Peter plays contains no trills.

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