Wayne's World
From the episode: Chap Stewie
Singers: Stewie Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

Wayne's World was originally a recurring sketch in Saturday Night Live. The sketch centered on a local public-access television program in Aurora, Illinois, hosted by Wayne Campbell, played by Mike Myers, and his timid and sometimes high-strung, sidekick and best friend, Garth Algar, played by Dana Carvey.

During a family night in the uncensored version of "Chap Stewie", Stewie Griffin is put in the spotlight to perform a song. Without having time to prepare something appropriate, he chooses to perform the theme to Wayne's World. His performance so appalls the family that his is banished to the attic with Cousin Earl.

In "Our Idiot Brian", Brian repeatedly uses Wayne's catchphrase of "schwing!" when he is taken by Stewie to the Quahog Yoga and sees the girls in their poses.

In "The Boys in the Band", one of Chris' "references" is "schwing."


Wayne's World, Wayne's World

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