We Didn't Start the Fire
From the episode: Bigfat
Singers: Peter Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"We Didn't Start the Fire" is a song by Billy Joel. Its lyrics include brief, rapid-fire allusions to more than 100 headline events between March 1949 and 1989, when the song was released on his album Storm Front. The song was a No. 1 hit in the US.

Peter attempts to sing the song in "Bigfat", hoping to see if there are instructions to starting a fire in the song. However, he can't remember the lyrics, so he instead bluffs his way through the song.


Peter: Stuff, stuff, stuff, and stuff, history and stuff and stuff,

People, people, someone's name,

History and sports.

Big disaster, someone's name, stuff and stuff and stuff, and stuff,

History, someone's name,

Something I don't know.

Famous guy, movie star,

Don't know who these people are,

Stuff and stuff and history

Yelling really loud at me!