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  • Carter had previously mentioned having an affair and possibly having an illegitimate mulatto son in "Screwed the Pooch".
  • This is the actual 150th broadcast episode, an accolade given to "Brian & Stewie" based on production order.
  • Despite Quagmire's hatred for Brian, Brian is seen with Peter, Quagmire, and Joe in the Drunken Clam. However, Quagmire still expresses his dislike for Brian after he gives a suggestion.
  • This is the third episode without an appearance by Chris or Meg in the same episode.
  • This is the first episode that Stewie doesn't appear in. This made Brian the only character to appear in all episodes up until "In Harmony's Way", as Peter and Lois only appeared in the musical numbers of "Brian & Stewie", which were cut after the initial broadcasts.
  • This is the second time Peter has blackmailed Carter.
  • Peter sings "Surfin' Bird" from "I Dream of Jesus" once more, but this time a ballad version.
  • Carter sends Babs a recording of "Jeepers Creepers".
  • "Begin the Beguine" by George Gershwin plays during the ballroom sequence.
  • When Babs is waking Carter up after Peter breaks into their house, Carter mumbles something in his sleep about simply taking Lois' temperature. This can be interpreted to mean that either Lois is nervous when she is sick, or Carter molested her when she was young.
  • Carter claims to have only seen the word "wind" written. This same joke is used in the fifteenth Simpsons Halloween episode when Marge says she's only read the word "wind" in books.
  • The hotel in the background of where Barbara and Carter meet bears a resemblance to the Hotel Del Coronado.
  • Similarly to "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing", a reference at the end to a Family Guy episode airing the following week is made untrue. This time FOX's coverage of baseball's National League Championship Series preempted Family Guy the week after this episode's initial airing.
  • Barbara had an affair with Jackie Gleason, in "The Fat Guy Strangler".
  • Barbara previously left Carter in "Peterotica" when she ran off with Ted Turner after Carter lost all his money until her divorcing him allowed for Carter to become rich again.
  • In the flashback, Carter and Barbara show love and affection toward each other, unlike in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives", in which they admit they dislike each other.
  • In this episode Peter, doesn't think that Barbara is pretty, unlike in a previous episode "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey".
  • In a cutaway showing how much Carter hates sitcom two-parters, he's forced to go through a two-part episode of The Facts of Life where Tootie is tempted by peer pressure at a drinking party.
  • Quagmire tells Peter, when asked for advice about revealing Carter's affair, that he'll never marry. However, he was married to Joan Quagmire in "I Take Thee Quagmire".

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