Whaaa? is a running gag related to a reaction usually made by Chris Griffin. The gag is usually used when Chris finds out something shocking, reacts as if it's no big deal and then shouts "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks

Chris finds out that he can never see his father again. He says, "That's okay, he's very—Whaaaaaaaaaaa?"

Jungle Love

Chris finds out that because he made the whole tribe dance, he is to be married and he says, "Well, if you're happy then I'm happy, because after all — Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey

Peter walks in on Lois and Bill Clinton after sex, then Peter says, "Hey, Bill, you up for a little bowling? I swiped some money from Lois' purse, but I don't think she'll notice because she's here-- HUMPING YOU??!!!"

Dial Meg for Murder

Meg Whaaaa

Meg finds out she's going to prison for keeping Luke, to which her reaction is, "Well, that's only fair, because after all, I did hide him from the—Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

Chris does it again, this time as Luke Skywalker, when he finds out that Darth Vader (Stewie) is his father. So he says, "Well, I don't see how that affects at a—Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

Partial Terms of Endearment

When Lois starts to introduce a jealous Peter to an old college flame, Peter responds with "If he tries anything I'm going to kick him right in the balllllll---gina?" When he sees it's Lois' female friend Naomi.

Bookie of the Year

While working on his Spanish studies, Peter approaches Chris about throwing a championship baseball game. To help him, he relays the request in Spanish and Chris replies in kind, but quickly realizes the request is not just a passing interest in his activities, finishing with "¿Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?."