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What I Learned on Jefferson Street is a television script written by Brian Griffin. The script was featured in "Brian Griffin's House of Payne".

The script followed the life of a single father named Byron, who went back to college to give him and his 4-year-old daughter a better life. For years, the idea had been abandoned, until an old script was found in the basement. Stewie would put it on the kitchen table, and Lois would eventually read and enjoy it. She suggests Brian meet with CBS executives after her father pulls some strings and CBS decides to give the show a chance.

Brian originally wanted Elijah Wood to play the part of Byron, and even got him to audition, but executives suggested giving James Woods an audition, and the executives loved his humor, so they cast him instead. After much deviating from the original idea due to Wood's interference, including becoming a sitcom set at a college attended by both the father, played by Woods, and daughter, turned into a teenager by the executives. What I Learned on Jefferson Street became Class Holes!.