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When We Swing
When we Swing
From the episode: Brian Sings and Swings
Singers: Frank Sinatra, Jr., Stewie, Brian
Voices: Frank Sinatra Jr., Seth MacFarlane

"When We Swing" is a song performed by Frank Sinatra, Jr., Stewie Griffin, and Brian in "Brian Sings and Swings".


When We Swing


Frank Sinatra Jr: How I love a girl who's flawless

Stewie: Even better when she's bra-less

Frank Sinatra Jr and Stewie: But the thing that tops it all is when we swing

Frank Sinatra Jr: How I love a glass of jack

Stewie: Or anything with Robert Stack

Frank Sinatra Jr: But the gals we romance can't stay out of our pants when we swing

Brian: Yesterday had got me feeling kind of blue

Stewie: So you left, and we replaced you with a Jew

Jerry Lewis: Lady!

Stewie: You're fired!

Jerry Lewis: Oy!

Frank Sinatra Jr: We love it when the ladies squeeze us

Brian: That's an easy way to please us

Brian, Stewie, and Frank: But we feel like freakin' Jesus when we swing

Brian: I love the work of Allen Funt

Stewie: Or a nicely shaven leg

Brian, Stewie, and Frank: But nothing compares to the feeling that we get

No, nothing compares to the feeling we get when we swing!

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