• This is the first episode to make its premier release on DVD and is the only episode to debut on Adult Swim before airing on FOX.
  • Some FOX network executives were concerned that the episode could be construed as anti-Semitic, and made the decision not to air the episode after it had completed postproduction.[1]
  • When Lois sets off in pursuit of Peter in Quagmire's car, her departure reveals Quagmire's not wearing anything under his robe.
  • After Stewie breaks Meg’s glasses, he holds up an undetermined long brown object and asks her whether it’s a Toblerone or a “poopie.”
  • Peter tells Weinstein “Thanks for Spaceballs!", a Star Wars parody, written and directed by Mel Brooks, who is Jewish. Also, later in the episode Peter mentions Raiders of the Lost Ark; that movie’s director, Steven Spielberg, is also Jewish, as is the star, Harrison Ford.
  • When the nuns are leaving the church and boarding the bus, the Batman villain Penguin is outside jumping for joy going “Excellent, excellent!” and delivers his signature laugh. The gag is a nod to the slang term “penguins” which is often used to describe nuns due to their traditional black and white uniforms, and the fact that the Penguin used trained penguins in his crimes. Furthermore, in the old Batman series, Penguin’s henchmen wore black and white costumes, the same colors as the nuns’ habits.
  • The local Quahog synagogue is called “Temple Beth Thupporting Actor”, parodying synagogue names beginning with the words of “Temple Beth” and the speech disorder, the lisp.
  • When Chris is getting Bar Mitzvahed, he is reading from the Torah. However, the prayer he is reading is the blessing before the torah, which is read in a prayerbook, not a Torah.
  • Peter and Chris drive all the way to Las Vegas. In real life, Las Vegas, NV is 2,790 miles from Providence, RI. Driving one way between those cities would take 3 days.
  • Peter tries to make Chris Jewish, but in "Family Goy", both he and Lois learn that she, and thus Chris, is Jewish, making the act redundant in foresight.
  • The synagogue Max Weinstein and the Griffins go to is a Reform synagogue.
  • At the beginning of the episode there is a parody of the Lifetime channel, making fun of female stereotypes and calling the channel “Lifetime: Television for Idiots.”
  • The censored version of this episode edits the part where Quagmire is getting his car keys so it doesn’t look like he’s masturbating in front of Lois.
  • Peter asks for an autograph from Tony Robbins, and Tony replies “TONY ROBBINS HUNGRY” and swallows Peter, much like a snake devours its prey.
  • A short cutaway gag, Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, who wields a lightsaber to execute the surgery on the encouragement of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Lois and Brian watch a clip from Seinfeld, where George and Jerry are conversing and repeating themselves, which is a common theme in the show. The show's star, Jerry Seinfeld, is Jewish.
  • When Peter says that people have taken credit for the achievements of Jews for too long, a cutaway reveals Woody Allen writing Louis Farrakhan’s speeches. Allen then complains that he hasn’t been so humiliated since he was at the Friars Club and Previn Soon-Yi’s retainer fell out of his pants.
  • Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots on Transformers shows up to the Quahog synagogue for the Sabbath service. Also appearing is Lenny Kravitz who being half-Jewish, is shown with only half of his body present.
  • On the DVD commentary for the episode, Seth MacFarlane mentions that he showed the script of the episode to two rabbis, both of whom approved the episode “because Peter learns the right lesson at the end.” MacFarlane also points out that the writer, Ricky Blitt, is Jewish himself; as is Ben Stein, who plays the Rabbi. One line that caused concern occurs during Peter’s song when he sings “Even though they killed my Lord, I need a Jew,” in the song “I Need a Jew.” MacFarlane recorded an alternate version of the line, replacing “Even though they killed my Lord” with “I don’t think they killed my Lord” which was used when Cartoon Network aired the episode and then when FOX aired the episode. TBS also airs this episode with the alternate line, even though the original line is shown in closed captioning, and if one reads Peter’s lips, he’s saying the original line. When the episode airs in Israel, the original line appears. When it airs on Teletoon, the “Hebrew people I’ve adored” caption freezes through the lines “I don’t think they killed my lord, I need a Jew.” MacFarlane defends the original line giving a “consider the source” defense. Plenty of previous episodes, as well as this episode, make the point that Peter lacks very general knowledge as well as knowledge of his own Catholic religion.

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