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Where's My Emmy? is a series of YouTube videos with Brian & Stewie Griffin. These videos recreates the scene of Stewie beating up Brian in "Patriot Games" in the bathroom but instead of Brian's bet, it is Brian's Emmy Vote in 2009, which Family Guy is nominated.


The Office

Upload on August 17, 2009. Watch here

Flight of the Conchords

Upload on August 18, 2009. Watch here


Upload on August 19, 2009. Watch here

30 Rock

Upload on August 20, 2009. Watch here

How I Met Your Mother

Upload on August 21, 2009. Watch here


Upload on August 24, 2009. Watch here

  • This one doesn't recreate the fight and ends before it with Stewie saying: "Ah fuck this I am not doing one for fucking Weeds."

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