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Will Smith Nice Clean Rap
Will Smith
From the episode: McStroke
Singers: Will Smith
Voices: John Viener

The Will Smith Nice Clean Rap is a song by American actor, film producer and rapper Will Smith. Its actual title is unknown. Smith is seen recording it in a cutaway in the episode "McStroke". The song is a jab at Smith for not being a stereotypical rapper whose songs are filled with profanities.




I respect women when I'm on a date

I take 'em to the park or maybe a museum

And I only try to kiss 'em if they're ready


What, what, what, a-what?

I say what, what?

Help out your mom and dad by getting a job

So you can help pay for school supplies



Wipe your shoes on the mat when you come in the house

Someone just cleaned that floor


Say what, what?


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