Ye Old Pube is a bar built by Peter Griffin in "Mind Over Murder".

In the episode, Peter was put under house arrest for punching a pregnant Soccer Mom, he was told by the Pawtucket Patriot to build a bar in the Griffin House's basement. Though successful at first, it ended up turning into a "peep show" for Lois, thus angering Peter. It ended up getting burned down by a lone cigarette thrown by Glenn Quagmire, and Peter and Lois were trapped. At the end of the episode, Stewie builds and activates a time machine to reverse time so that his time machine plans don't fall into the wrong hands. This prevented Peter from ever punching the Soccer Mom, thus resulting in the bar never being built.

The bar included a large stage big enough for a small band to perform in, as well a secret passage built into a bookcase. Peter tried and failed to escape through it.