• This is the third time Peter has created television shows to amuse himself. He did it in "I Never Met the Dead Man" by wearing a cardboard cutout of a TV screen and walking about town looking through it, and in "PTV" when he and the gang created their own cable TV station to fight government censorship.
  • In the promos for this episode, the names "Jessica Alba" and "Home Depot" were bleeped to avoid payment of the names.[1]
  • Peter broadcasts his show from Quahog Cable 26. However, a van is parked at the studio with the number 27 on it.
  • During the premiere broadcast of this episode, a trailer for Seth MacFarlane's film Ted debuted.[2]
  • This episode marked Neil Goldman's first significant speaking appearance since "Stew-Roids".
  • Chris thinks that Petey's Funhouse was created by Aaron Sorkin.

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